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URINOZINC: NOW YOU KNOW. You do not have to suffer with the annoying, disruptive, and embarrassing issues of an aging prostate. If you are getting up more than 2x per night, can’t sit through an entire movie or business meeting without going to the bathroom, its time to find a solution. We stand by our product with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. WHO IS THIS PRODUCT FOR? Men, Over 40 who are experiencing the negative issues associated with an aging prostate. These include frequent urination, especially at night – leading to interrupted sleep. 50% of men over 50 experience issues associated with an aging prostate and this percentage increases with age. This product works best for men with mild to moderate issues. This product is not meant for women. WHY IS THE PRODUCT CALLED URINOZINC PLUS? It’s called Urinozinc to highlight the important role of zinc, a critical nutrient for prostate health and the proper metabolism of testosterone. The prostate gland holds the highest concentration of zinc of any part in the male body. THE “Ur” signals that we designed a product that Urologists would recommend. The PLUS is for Saw palmetto AND Beta sistosterol, the 2 most well known and clinically studied plant based nutrients for prostate health. DO DOCTORS RECOMMEND URINOZINC? Hundreds of Physicians, including Urologists and General Practitioners currently recommend Urinozinc Plus every day for prostate health. Urinozinc Plus contains safe levels of several key nutrients critical in the nutritional support of the prostate gland. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT URINOZINC PLUS? Urinozinc is proudly made in the USA, under GMP (Good Manufacturing Principles). The ingredients are 3rd party tested for purity. It is FREE FROM: GLUTEN, SOY. WHEAT, MILK, EGGS, FISH, GMO’S, ANIMAL GELATIN.Contains (1) bottle of (180) caplets of URINOZINC Plus Prostate Health Formula. URINOZINC Prostate Plus is optimized with an essental combinations of nutrients to help support Prostate Cell Health, Healthy Blood Flow and Improved Testosterone Metabolism.
URINOZINC PLUS supports normal urinary flow and frequency by providing 15 key nutrients for Prostate and Urinary Support. Ingredients that include Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, Pumpkin Seed, Vitamin E & Selenium, Vitamins B6, B12 & Folic Acid and Lycopene.
Men over 50 may experience the negative issues associated with an aging prostate, such as frequent urination, especially at night, which can lead to interrupted sleep. URINOZINC PLUS supports prostate health with 15 Key Nutrients.
“With extracts from plants like Saw Palmetto AND Beta Sitosetrol, URINOZINC PLUS caplets help support improved flow and frequency, improved bladder empyting, normal prostate function and good quality sleep. URINOZINC PLUS has a unique combination of: PROSTATE FRIENDLY ANTIOXIDANTS
Selenium, Vitamin E, Lycopene
Pygeum, Nettle
Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium

This bottle of URINOZINC PLUS contains 180 capsules, a 90 day supply, a formula for men 50+ which has been optimized with essential combinations of nutrients to support, Prostate Cell Health, Healthy Blood Flow and Imporoved Testosterone Metabolism.

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