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Component Materials Lanthanides (Rare Earth Elements) and Tourmaline Emit Strong Fields of NEGATIVE IONS and FAR-INFRARED RADIATION, Forces Extensively Shown Beneficial to Human Cells & Tissues. The Harmonic Shield COUNTERACTS EMF From Your Devices, and Prevents Its Absorption By Your Body. This Is Verified By Laboratory Testing (Specific Absorption Rate or SAR Testing)

SAR TESTING Simulates Absorption of EMF from Electronic Devices By the Human Head and Body. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission Conducts This Testing on All Cell Phone Brands Sold in the United States. Many, However – Including Many Scientists – Believe Its Standards Are Not Strict Enough. SAR Testing of This Technology Was Done By an FCC Accredited Lab, and Showed It To Reduce SAR Over 97%. Some People Feel Definite Positive Effects From The Harmonic Shield, Others Less – But This Is a Fully OBJECTIVE Measure of Its Effectiveness

High Levels of Negative Ions Also Reduce Internal Resistance & Deposit Formation in LITHIUM ION BATTERIES. This Promotes Smoother Discharge, Improved CHARGING & STANDBY TIMES, and Longer Battery LIFESPAN. Serves Batteries in MANY Devices (Must Be Able To Access Battery Compartment)

Negative Ions and Far-Infrared Radiation – the Part of Natural Sunlight That Causes Fruits To Ripen – ALSO Create TASTE IMPROVEMENTS in Some Foods & Beverages – Including Coffee, Wine – and Chocolate !

Find Instructions for ALL Uses of The Harmonic Shield on Our Service Website – Plus Helpful Articles/Videos/E-books on EMF and Health – Additional Inexpensive & FREE Ways to Reduce EMF Exposures – the Emerging EMF ACTIVISM & More

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THE HARMONIC SHIELD Is an Elegant & Ingenious, Highly Effective, Multi-Use Product – Gift Pack Contains 7 x The Harmonic Shield, Individually Packaged With Gold Gift Envelopes. Thoughtful & Caring – A Gift of PROTECTION. Add to Cart to PROTECT YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES NOW !Are You Concerned About The Effect Your Cell Phone Is Having On Your Health ? On the Health of Your Children and Loved Ones ?
We Love Our Electronic Devices and Our Lives Would Be Impossible Without Them. Yet Correlations Have Been Found Between Intensive/Prolonged EMF Exposures and Serious Illness. Most DANGEROUS are Devices Used in Close Proximity to Our Bodies. Most VULNERABLE are Young Children, Teens and People Already Sick or Under Stress
We Hear About These Things, We Worry About Them – But We Don’t Know What to DO. Here’s a Way to Protect Your Children and Loved Ones Now !
The Harmonic Shield EMF Protection Patch is Laboratory Tested To Prevent Absorption of EMF From a Cell Phone By Over 97%. It Can ALSO Help Improve the Performance of RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM ION BATTERIES – And With Brief Exposure It’s Even Been Found to Improve the Taste of Coffee, Wine and Other Foods & Beverages ! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS On How The Harmonic Shield WORKS or HOW TO USE IT Please Post Under “Have a Question ?” Below – or Contact Us Through The Amazon System !
Serves Virtually ANY Consumer Electronic Device : Cell & Cordless Phones, Tablet/Laptop/Desktop Computers & Monitors (All Brands) ; Wireless/WiFi Routers, Video Game Controllers/Consoles, Surge Protectors/Power Strips, Baby Monitors, TVs, Microwaves & More. Apply The Harmonic Shield in Minutes and Forget : Component Materials Don’t Wear Out – Effects are Virtually PERMANENT. For More Information : See “Product Description” Below – Or CONTACT US at Any Time !

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