Lightahead Plasma Light Lamp Electroplasma Lightening Lamp Dolphin Design Touch Sound Sensitive, Bla…

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(as of Aug 15,2018 23:00:11 UTC – Details)

Lightahead Plasma light towr lamp, dolphin design with neon gas. This plasma light sphere creates a magic display of light inside a glass sphere. Get electrified with the Dolphin design. Just place your fingers on the glass surface and watch as colored bolts of glowing light follow your every move. On and Off switch Great lightening effect. Perfect item for home decoration. It is incredibly interactive and responds to touch, as well as to sound. The electric currents that flow through the lamp create magical effects with their bright colors and unpredictable patterns. Enjoy this lamp with the lights on, or admire it in the dark. This will make a definitely cool gadget to put on the desk or at home. This durable and entertaining glass electric plasma lamp comes with an AC adapter and a sturdy plastic Black base. With adaptor operation, input 120V 60Hz, output: AC12V 830mALightening at your Fingertips; The light will move with your finger. A fun alternative light source, the plasma Light sets the mood in any room
Dramatic display of light inside of the hand blown glass sphere. Touching the glass surface of the plasma lamp with your hand alters the electrical field inside the lamp, and forms a single tendril of plasma leading from the center of the globe to your hand. Dolphin design.
Designed to create light that looks like a lightening storm, the lamp is a great conversation piece
Operation With adaptor operation, input 120V 60Hz, output: AC12V 830mA; On and Off switch Great color effect
Currents attract to your touch. The base produces high frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the gases to turn into plasma. Either set to run continuously or set it to sound activation mode to flash to the sound of your voice or your favorite song.

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