Life Made Better Storage Organizer – Compatible with RIF6 CUBE, LG MiniBeam, Syhonic S8, Pico Projec…

Price: $24.99
(as of Oct 06,2018 21:00:02 UTC – Details)

Hard Storage Carrying Case Compatible With Projector – Stores Portable Projector Mini Display Port , HDMI Adapters , Mini Tripod , And Charging Cables.,Safely.

– Durable,Tough And Hefty Exterior Keeps Your Projector, Damage Free.

– It Is Kid Proof, Drop It , Stomp It, Bang It Or Throw It, It Won’t Break Inside This Case.

– Weatherproof and Water-Resistant, Protects Your Device From Water Damage

– Customize Your New Case To Fit Your Device And Accessories

– Create Your Small Individual Compartment For The Space Needed To Ensure A Snug Fit.

– Foam That Has Already Been Removed Can Be Added To The Base Or Item Slots For Custom Depth

Each Storage Case Comes With An Instructional Insert And Video.
Fits RIF6 CUBE , LG MiniBeam , Syhonic S8 , Amaz-Play Mobile Pico Projector , InFocus IN1146 and Small, Video Projector Portable,Portable Projector Screen, Lcd Projector Portable, Portable Projector 1080p, Portable Projector hdmi, Data Projector Portable, Portable Projector For IphoneSTORAGE ORGANIZER ONLY: It’s To Store PICO (TRADEMARK) Projector In It, Doesn’t Come With It! Does Not Come With PICO (TRADEMARK) Projector. This Complete Case Measures 13.25 X 7.37 X 3.00. Made In USA. Manufactured By Life Made Better, Which Is Not Affiliated With PICO (TRADEMARK) Projector. Any Use Of The PICO (TRADEMARK) Brand Names Or Images Are Made Solely For Purposes Of Demonstrating Compatibility.
PERFECT CARRYING CASE: A Sturdy Handle With Compressed Locks To Insure Protection From Drops, Bumps And Bad Weather. Hard shell exterior made of durable composite blow-mold plastic prevents your portable projector from being crushed.
PROTECT & PRESERVE: The Pick and Pluck 2.0″ Thick Layer Of Foam Consists Of Individually Pluckable Dense Foam Cubes, For Secure Positioning.
CUSTOMIZE & ORGANIZE: Customizable Foam interior allows you to design separate compartments for your portable projector and accessories. Remove the desired amount of foam blocks from the Diced Foam interior to create needed compartments
IDEAL PROJECTOR CASE: Perfectly Fits Portable Projectors, Mini Display Port , HDMI Adapters , Mini Tripod , And Charging Cables. All In One Case Helps Stay Prepared And Organized, Anywhere You Go.

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