KNZ GoDuo Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With Magnetic Connectable Base, Water And Shock Resis…

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KNZ GoDuo speakers are designed to optimize your indoor and outdoor audio experience. Their contemporary industrial design and detailed sound quality make them the perfect desktop audio delivery system. Their loud output, enhanced bass and water-resistant design (IPX-5 Certified) also make them an ideal companion for all your favorite outdoor activities.


GoDuo offers four styles of use:

-Coming in a set of two, the GoDuo Speakers are equipped with strong magnets to connect the audio system.

-In addition, you can separate the speakers to produce a stunning surround sound experience. They deliver quality sound even up to 50 feet apart (in open space).

-Alternatively, you can take just one speaker with you to save space and still get great sound.

-Finally, you can use the included GoDuo Speaker rugged case to attach the system to your gear.


-The GoDuo Speakers connect to your device via Bluetooth (version 4.2) or an AUX cable (included in package).

-Features a built-in microphone so you can take calls seamlessly.

-GoDuo is one of the only speakers which support Siri, which widely extends the functionality of the speakers.

-With high-capacity rechargeable battery, GoDuo supports 18-hours of continuous music play or phone calls (at medium volume) without recharging. For casual use, one full charge lasts a week.

-Equipped with high-resolution antenna, GoDuo speakers stay connected with your phone up to 50 feet (open space).

-The shock-resistant and water-resistant design fits into your adventurous lifestyle. These are the perfect speakers for someone who is on-the-go and is looking for a speaker that does it all!

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-With English and Spanish voice prompts. You can also mute/disable the voice prompts for a silent experience.THE PROUD WINNER OF THE 2018 iF DESIGN AWARD – Unlike any other speaker on the market, KNZ GoDuo speakers have a magnetic connectable base to perform as one pill-shaped speaker, or as two individual L/R speakers perfect for listening at home or on the go! They can be attached to any steel or iron surface, such as shelves, tables, your refrigerator door, and so much more. The magnetic base will change the way you enjoy your music!
COMPLETELY WIRELESS, TRUE STEREO – Powered by the latest wireless technology, GoDuo speakers are easy to adjust for an optimal audio experience and ultimate convenience. Spatially separated left and right channels boost the delivery of real stereo effects. The built-in subwoofer in each speaker enhances bass and creates crisp, high-definition music wherever you go.
BUILT WITH QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE – With 5W speaker and passive subwoofer, GoDuo can play up to 18 hours nonstop music without being recharged. Its work range goes up to 50 feet from your Bluetooth device. The built-in microphone allows GoDuo to work as a speakerphone, and it perfectly supports Siri making it easier than ever to keep the party going!
ULTRA PORTABLE – KNZ GoDuo speakers, along with their shock-proof carrying case, are designed to fit into a bicycle’s water bottle holder. With a hanging ring design, the speakers can be easily attached to a backpack, attached with a carabiner (included in package), carried by hand, or of course mounted magnetically to a metal surface.
WATER RESISTANT – IPX – 5 certified. Built with a waterproof housing and sealed in a unibody, clear outer casing, KNZ GoDuo speakers won’t be damaged by a splash of water or even rain and snow. These are the perfect on-the-go speakers for wherever you are headed.

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