iPhone Lens Attachment: Professional Wide Angle and Macro Lens w/UV Filter. Easy Clip Fisheye Lens F…

Price: $28.00
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Capture everyday moments with unique perspective on your samsung galaxy note 8 camera lens
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Re-invent architecture and patterns by manipulating contours and lines!ADD VISUAL POWER TO YOUR IMAGES FOR YOUR FOOD BLOG, TRAVEL BLOG, BEAUTY VLOG AND OTHER CREATIVE PROJECTS: This lens attachment magnifies up to 10X or exaggerate up to 50%. Fisheye Lens offers full frame and lets you capture every detail at a 120° wide angle view! 10x Macro Lens magnifies subjects and offers an amazing depth of field.
UNIVERSAL AND HASSLE-FREE EASY CLIP LENS: Designed for iOS, Android and Windows smartphone camera lenses. Fits the following models: iPhone X/8 plus/7/7 plus/6, Samsung Note 8/s8+/7/6, Huawei P10/9 and earlier cell phone camera lenses.
PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CINEMA QUALITY IMAGES: Turn your smartphone into a professional camera instantly! Universal phone lens features HD optical glass, AU multi-layer coating, built-in UV filter. Vignetting is possible if you use a protective phone case.
BEST CELL PHONE ACCESSORY AND GIFT FOR: bloggers, vloggers, friends, travelers and perfect for landscape,street, product photos and those who want professional-looking photos without a bulky, expensive DSLR camera. Comes in eco-friendly packaging! Note: star filter sold separately.
FREE PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE: 40+ pages with a detailed illustrated e-book lets you master your photography skills. Ebook includes professional shooting techniques with wide angle phone lens attachment + useful tips for growing your business or blog on Instagram. PDF link sent by EMAIL.

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