Mens “TELL THIS VEGAN” Funny Gorilla Lifestyle Novelty Shirt Large Grass

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Silverback gorillas are extremely powerful, large primates, which can reach nearly 400 pounds. To sustain a body that size, silverbacks need to eat a lot of food every day, and make sure they get all the right nutrients into their systems. The bulk of the mountain gorilla diet is vegetation. They eat a lot of shoots, leaves and plant matter. There are actually about 142 varieties of plants that are represented in the silverback’s diet, including bamboo, celery, nettles, thistles and succulent herbs. When they can get them, they also love to eat any wild berries they can find. To sustain their weight, they need to eat about 60 pounds of food every day.Gorilla Ape Monkey Animal Herbivore Vegan Vegetarian Joke Fun t-shirt tee shirt Protein Plant Plants Based Diet go vegan, veganism, vegan chick, vegans, vegan baby, vegan christmas, vegans taste better, vegans are sexy
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Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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