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January 20, 2018

Bad habits begone! You can give some of your healthy-living resolutions a boost this weekend as the Pisces moon aligns with idealistic Neptune in your wellness realm. Recommit to things that worked for you in the past—and that you actually enjoy—like yoga or spin, eating a plant-based diet, or giving up sugar or alcohol for a while. Small gestures will pave the way for the creation of positive lifestyle habits that you can stick to. Skip out on the booze-fueled brunches and stay home and wash a big bag of greens for the week, squeeze juices and cook up some healthy dishes that you can freeze for a later date. The sixth house is also your zone of organization and systems: Could your kitchen benefit from a cleanup project? Check expiration dates and toss anything questionable. When you do replenish, make sure everything you bring in supports your nutritional goals. On Sunday, la luna aligns with action planet Mars. Bundle up and go for a brisk walk. Check out gym offerings, sign up for an adventurous class, like indoor climbing…or anything you never tried before. Throw down the gauntlet and step up to your own challenge!

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